The Directors

September 12th, 2008 was officially the last day I worked for a set hourly wage guaranteed by an American employer. At the end of September my wife and I moved to the southernmost part of Mexico with our two small children to volunteer with “El Faro de Esperanza” in Arriaga, Chiapas on the coast of southern Mexico. El Faro, “The Lighthouse of Hope”, is the home for many wonderful kids that have faced abuse and abandonment. True to their name, the Lighthouse has brought hope to these children restoring both their integrity and identity.

I count it a privilege to have participated in this wonderful work and to have served the church in Arriaga for nearly six years (three while I was single and three more with my family). Between 2008 and 2011 we saw the church where we served (pastored by Bill and Tammy Woods) grow, and the youth group we led more than doubled in size. We developed many great friendships and a real sense of family with the people. However in early December 2012, at the prompting of the Lord, we moved to the other side of the state to begin raising up a new work in the area of Comitan, Chiapas.

Nearly five years later, after raising up several works in the mountainous rural areas around Comitan and serving as volunteer pastor at the Ichthus boarding school, I returned to Arriaga to become the first director of the Bridgeway School of Missions.

— Ron